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It’s this unique combination of values and ethics that’s led to Tom Plumb being so well respected for heat pump installation and repair, underfloor heating, boiler installations and boiler repair, and plumbing in Richmond.

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Ours may be ‘old-fashioned values’ but great customer service means everything to us. Looking for heat pump repairs in Richmond? Want new underfloor heating? Decided it’s time to invest in an air-source heat pump? We make it our mission to properly explore and consider all your options; not just leap to the most expensive and easiest solution. Thanks to this attitude we know our way around all major air source and ground source heat pumps. We’re also fully clued up on underfloor heating, and many makes and models of boilers – both new and old. We focus on finding the best solution for you – not for us, so we put the extra effort in to leave customers feeling happy and cared for. And if you need us to come back after we’ve completed a job; you can trust we will.

When running our own business, we’re traditional too and are proud of our team’s strong work ethic. Stuart, a qualified and experienced team member, has enjoyed expanding his extensive repertoire with heat pump and modulation control knowledge. We’re ably supported by our one-time apprentice, Darek, who has joined us full-time and is a bonafide heat pump fanatic.

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A love of classic cars has led to customers now knowing and loving our trademark quirky red vans. Kitted out to a high spec with everything we need, we know that customers recognise them, and agree that our classic traditional cars are matched by our values, ethics and service levels.

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Most important; we offer a comprehensive range of heating and plumbing services in Richmond and surrounding areas. Whether you want heat pump and underfloor heating installation or maintenance and repairs, we’re here for you. What’s more, we can help you with boiler issues, bathroom installation, and all sorts of plumbing tasks. All underpinned by heating and plumbing expertise and knowledge built over years of serving the people of Richmond.

Whatever heating or plumbing service you need, we’ll explain everything properly, without technical jargon, so you understand your options and feel confident in your choice.

Plumbing services Richmond, Barnes, East Sheen, Kew, Putney, Kingston and Wandsworth, residential and commercial.
Want honest advice, real expertise, great service and a friendly, personable touch from your plumber (and the pleasure of seeing our distinctive little red van outside your house)?

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What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is not new technology exactly, in fact it is a unit that works like a fridge or air conditioner in reverse. It takes air from the outside, coverts it into a gas, compresses the gas to create heat, and then takes this heat to warm up the air and water in the home.
Heat pumps work most effectively when there is less of a difference between the outside temperature and the inside temperature. For this reason, it can take more time and energy to heat a home when the outside temperature is very cold or below freezing.

The units themselves can be large, positioned usually at the back or to the side of a property.

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Why is everyone suddenly talking about ASHPs?

There are lots of reasons why people are talking about Air Source Heat Pumps.
1. The government’s Green Agenda which is focused on Net Zero by 2050 will mean the eventual phasing out of traditional Gas Central Heating systems. According to government figures, domestic heating accounts for around 14% of UK emissions. Phasing out boilers is starting with new builds and will soon need to be retrofitted into other housing such as Council and Social Housing.

2. People are looking for greener solutions. We are all aware of climate change, and many people want to do their bit to live a more sustainable life. Given the emissions given out by traditional systems, when homeowners are refurbishing their homes or looking at installing a new boiler, it makes sense to review and consider a greener solution.

3. Energy costs were already rising significantly, and world events are now resulting in a cost of living crisis driven by increases in the price of oil and gas. Homeowners are understandably looking at ways to reduce their energy bills over time and reduce their reliance on oil and gas.

4. Further financial incentives have been offered by the government, such as the Boiler Upgrade Scheme Grant and the scrapping of VAT on green home improvements.

5. Much has been talked about in the press about ASHPs as an answer to the phasing out of boilers. However, it’s a confusing area, which is why we take each home on a case-by-case basis and look at how we can adapt boilers, create integrated systems, and install heat pumps to deliver optimum energy efficiency.

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Air source heat pump or ground source heat pump?

An air source heat pump draws heat from the air, a ground source heat pump draws heat from the ground/soil.
Because the efficiency of heat pumps depends on the source of the heat, ground source heat pumps can be more efficient because the soil is usually warmer than the air and won’t drop below freezing. Therefore, they can save more money in the long run.

However, ground source heat pumps can be more expensive to install as they require ground excavation and more complex pipe installation.

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What is the cost of a heat pump?

Approximately, an air source heat pump may cost £7,000 – £13,000 while a ground source heat pump may cost £14,00 – £19,000. There may be additional costs of works to the home, pipes, radiators, and upgrade in electricity supply.
We fully project and quote all costs upfront, as well as provide future heating cost projections to help you decide.
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Is a heat pump a good idea?

The advantage of a heat pump is that it is a highly energy efficient, low emission, and effective way to heat a home. Therefore, it is far more environmentally friendly than Gas Central Heating.
Whilst expensive initially to install, there are financial incentives in place, and you may save money on your bills in the long run.
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Is an air source heat pump or ground source heat pump right for me?

To decide about either type of heat pump you will need to consider certain factors, and we are here to help you with this. These include;
• The initial cost of the heat pump
• The fabric and insulation quality of your property
• The exterior of your property, whether there is space and clear ground for either type of heat pump
• Your neighbours and any implications for obstruction or noise
• Your heating requirements
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Do air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps need a lot of maintenance?

Both types of heat pumps should be robust and low maintenance, with an expectation to last for 20 years. However, just like a boiler, they should be serviced every two to three years with certain basic care.
All heat pump installations through us will come with servicing and maintenance training, support, and advice.
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Why should I use Tom Plumb for heat pump advice and installation?

We’ve built an outstanding reputation for plumbing and heating installation services in our local area over many years. We’re associated with values of integrity and quality, and when it comes to new renewable technology which is largely not understood, these values should be, well, highly valued.

Installing a whole new heating system into a house is a huge job, expensive and logistically challenging. You won’t want to take risks with a heating installer who has minimal or no training or the integrity to turn round and say whether or not it’s genuinely the right solution.

We are committed to helping customers achieve energy efficient, high performing, comfortable warm homes, and we’ll put in the solution that delivers that. Nothing less.

A permanent warm, comfortable home

We now have a permanent warm, comfortable home and constant hot water thanks to Tom’s Weather Compensation control installation. Tom is very knowledgeable and diligent, his work was carried out to a high standard with no short cuts taken. He does not condescend, is courteous and is happy to share his knowledge. Aftercare is also well provided, Tom & Stuart will not leave you unsupported. With the Weather Compensation control the boiler runs at a lower flow rate, on average at 40 degrees centigrade, so saving on gas usage. An unexpected benefit for us has been getting a room back in the house which we would have previously shut off to save on energy costs. I would highly recommend Tom Plumb, the difference the Weather Compensation control has made is huge!

Sheila Crewdson

Tom and co. were amazing!

From start to finish of our heat pump project Tom and co. were amazing. Him and his colleagues went above and beyond to ensure the system was exactly what we needed and were always happy to answer any questions / queries we had no matter how big or small. Dealing with many different trades throughout our renovations we had a mixture of good and bad experiences but Tom was one we never had a worry with as him and his team were always professional and polite throughout and got the work done whenever we needed it, despite sometimes being given very short notice from ourselves. Even down to the aftercare we received was something we did not expect but was very much appreciated. He was always upfront with costs and pricing and even saved us money wherever he felt appropriate / possible. We would recommend Tom to anyone who wants a job done properly, professionally and promptly and would like to thank him and his team for all their hard work and time they have given us.

Joe Sharp

A brilliant font of knowledge

Tom recently installed our air source heat pump. In short, he did a great job and was a brilliant font of knowledge for us.

Tom Allen

Tom Plumb made my day

I contacted Tom Plumb about installing a new boiler but he asked to come and see whether he could repair the current one. He came back with spare parts and there is now heating in my house for the first time in 3 weeks! Tom Plumb certainly made my day so, if you call him, he might be able to make yours too!

Holly D

Tom Plumb made my day

In recent years we have been calling upon Tom Hilditch “Tom Plumb” to regularly service our central heating boiler and maintain general plumbing about the house – most recently installing waste pipes for a new washing machine. The best of all is that since Tom has performed his magic on our historically eccentric boiler, it has never worked better! It is a rarity these days to not only get a good plumber, but someone decent with good communication skills and is prepared to take the time to explain how he will tackle any repairs or new fittings. Reliable both in time keeping and efficient in all job sizes (Anything from changing a tap washer and I understand he does complete bathrooms too). I will recommend him to all friends for his punctual, ethical and noble approach and be assured he is worth more than the reasonable prices he charges for his expertise.”Byron Mahoney – East Sheen

Byron Mahoney – East Sheen

Tom Plumb made my day

I’ve needed to call on Tom many times, mainly for emergencies (water pouring through ceiling for one!) and he’s always been able to see us that day which has been a life saver. I always breathe a sigh of relief when I see that red van pull up outside!Totally reliable, punctual, honest & trustworthy. I don’t hesitate in recommending Tom Plumb, in fact I already have to many local friends.

Imogen Tizzard – Richmond

Tom Plumb made my day

Tom literally saved me! After experiencing bad plumbing, Tom immediately put me at ease and repaired all my issues without any further stress.As a result, I have since had further plumbing, boiler and bathroom renovations carried out by Tom. He is now like my dentist and hairdresser – I would not change him!

It is rare to find someone that is not only calm, professional and technically sound; as well as have such a great eye for detail and a very clean finish. I recommend him highly.

Karen Vermeulen – Richmond

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